Traditional Hungarian Goulash - Gulyásleves

Traditional Hungarian Goulash recipe. Originally this was the signature dish of the herdsmen on the Hungarian Great Plain (puszta), the "Hungarian cowboys" who used to live a nomadic lifestyle and would cook it over the fire in a cauldron.

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Pan-fried Scallops with Lemon and Parsley

An indulgent yet healthy entrée ready in minutes, these juicy scallops are a great way to start a meal and the perfect choice for entertaining.

Seared on deliciously fragrant sunflower oil and given a delightful kick by aromatic paprika, this luxurious entrée is taken to a whole new level when accompanied by Balassa Winery's Mézes-Mály Tokaji Furmint “Villő”, the perfect drink to go with seafood dishes.

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Kenny Tutt's Spelt Blini with Smoked Salmon, Pickled Cucumber & Balsamic Vinegar

Kenny Tutt, the 2018 Masterchef Champion, created this recipe for a delicious hors d'ouvre featuring a cornucopia of flavours and mouth-watering aromas. Recreate his dish to celebrate a special occasion, or serve it as an indulgent appetiser to your dinner party guests, it will go down an absolute treat!

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Carrot Salad with a Twist

If you think you know what carrot salad tastes like, then think again! This recipe comes with a serious flavour twist, courtesy of some gorgeously aromatic Acacia Honey with Truffles, turning a humble salad into the star of the meal. What's more, you can prepare it in less than ten minutes, making it the perfect side dish for a dinner party if you ever find yourself short on time.

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Butternut Squash Soup with Pumpkin Seeds

Celebrate Pumpkin Day than with a warming bowl of soup, perfect for these cold autumn evenings. This deliciously creamy butternut squash soup is bursting with flavor and nutty aromas from a 3* winner pumpkin seed oil, described by the Great Taste judges as having a "most wonderful rich toasted pumpkin seed character".

The refreshing minerality of Dobosi Winery's Organic Welschriesling provides a tantalising counterpoint to the soup.

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Casino Eggs – Hungarian Devilled Eggs

Casino eggs are prepared using ground spices, aromatic smoked paprika and given a gourmet touch by the addition of some artisan wild garlic mustard, making this is a finger food par excellence.

These traditional Hungarian devilled eggs are a popular appetiser due to their simplicity and versatility, as you can also prepare them ahead of time and eat them hot or cold.

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Fisherman's Soup

Fisherman’s Soup is a traditional Hungarian soup from the Szeged region, prepared by fisherman over open fires along Hungary’s riverbanks. Experienced fishermen who know the art of preparing this dish insists that it must be prepared immediately after the catch using assorted fish, both small and large.

This traditional fish soup can be replicated indoors with this simple recipe.

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Asparagus Cream Soup

An easy to make, healthy and delicious dinner option, this asparaus soup is given an irresistible gourmet touch by a dash of aromatic and flavourful white wine vinegar.

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Roasted Red Pepper Soup

A simple and delicious soup, ready in just 40 minutes. With just a few ingredients, you can easily whip-up this heartwarming soup, which will delight the whole family.

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