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Our Recipes

Zesty cucumber slices in a tangy dressing, it is the perfect light summer salad to go with a smoky BBQ or try alongside traditional Hungarian dishes including paprikash chicken or lamb stew for an authentic experience.

An indulgent side dish or a gourmet dessert, these delicious baked apples are given a divine touch by a spoonful of richly aromatic Tokaji wine jelly infused with fragrant black truffles. The delicate sweetness of the wine jelly perfectly complements the natural tartness of the apple.

Turn an unassuming cabbage into a gastronomic delight with a scrumptious honey and mustard vinaigrette. A lighter alternative to roast potato, this delicious side dish is bursting with flavour, perfect for summer and delicious with steak or a BBQ

Feel yourself transported a continent away by these delicious Bombay potatoes, this aromatic and fragrant dish encapsulates all that is great about fusion cuisine. Using simple ingredients and quick to prepare, it makes a great side for curries.


Treat yourself to a side-dish fit for a king and turn the humble new potato into a culinary triumph. The barrel-aged muscatel white wine vinegar gives this dish such a flavour boost, that you will never look at roasted potatoes in the same way again.

This gourmet salad vinaigrette is made with aromatic balsamic vinegar and pumpkin oil bursting with the nutty flavour of lightly toasted pumpkin seeds. A rich and decadent vinaigrette to relish, it is perfect for lifting your salads and your spirit.