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Welcome to the Home of Award-Winning Hungarian Fine Food & Wine in the UK

We work directly with small family producers to bring you healthy gourmet food with impeccable provenance from the heartland of Hungary straight to your door.

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Fine Wine

Our range of award-winning Hungarian wines includes powerful reds like the legendary Bull's Blood, elegant whites to bring you a taste of the volcanic terroir, and the outstanding sweet wines of the world-famous Tokaj region.

We have a very special vintage just waiting for you.

Pantry Essentials

Whether you are looking to cook a traditional Goulash soup, prepare a divine Sunday roast, or just looking for some inspiration to spice up your mealtimes, our selection of premium quality ingredients will bring that mouth-watering culinary twist.

Gourmet Treats

From creamy caviar to moreish charcuterie and divine black truffle products, Hungary has something to offer to every foodie. Experience our exclusive range of fine food delicacies and discover the best of Hungary.

Túrós csusza is a classic Hungarian pasta dish made with creamy cottage cheese. This is a quick and simple recipe to create an indulgent comfort food.

A farmhouse style sourdough bread, this rustic loaf is full of flavour and an irresistible baked aroma. It has a lovely texture, crisp on the outside and soft inside, perfect for an indulgent brunch.

Kaiserschmarrn is a traditional Austro-Hungarian dish. A simple and delicious meal of shredded pancake crumble served with dollops of scrumptious apricot jam, perfect for a comforting Sunday brunch.