Baked Apple with Truffle Wine Jelly

An indulgent side dish or a gourmet dessert, these delicious baked apples are given a divine touch by the addition of a richly aromatic Tokaji wine jelly infused with fragrant black truffles. The delicate sweetness of the wine jelly perfectly complements the natural tartness of the apple and the mineral acidity of the sparkling wine, while the earthy truffle aromas turn this into a truly irresistible treat.

It makes a great accompaniment to roast meat, especially pork and beef, while served with some fresh whipped cream on the side, it is your one-way ticket to gastronomic bliss.

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Chocolate Muffin with Plum Jam

A rich and nutty treat, these double chocolate chip muffins are perfect to create a little moment of indulgence. The muffins are naturally sweetened by wholesome acacia honey, while the addition of the plum jam gives just a hint of tartness and acidity to bring everything into balance, creating a simply irresistible dessert.

Wine pairing: The red berry and cherry aromas of Frittmann Winery's Cabernet Franc are rounded out by toasted notes and a hint of chocolate, which make this a truly gourmet experience.

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Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

These simple and delicious pumpkin muffins make for a scrumptious guilt-free treat that is high in protein and without any added sugar. This filling snack is bursting with toasted nutty aromas and the warming flavour of sweet winter spices.

Pair it with a glass of Tokajicum Winery's Tokaji Szamorodni. The 'little brother' of the famous Tokaji Aszu, this is a complex and elegant wine, with its layered flavour of honey, orange peel and sweet spices creating a moment of true indulgence.

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Tokaji Style Fresh Berries with Honey

With strawberries and blueberries now in season, it is the perfect time to celebrate them with this simple dish bursting with flavour and fruity aromas. The ripe and juicy berries with their natural sweetness are balanced beautifully by the acidity of the fragrant balsamic vinegar and the tartness of the yoghurt, creating a light dessert and a delightful treat that is refreshing and indulgent in equal measure.

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Hungarian Apricot Tart

A light summer pastry, resembling a shortbread, and each bite is a little bit of heaven.

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Hungarian Honey Slice

This is a delicate, honey flavoured, soft pastry slice, filled with a rich, vanilla custard butter cream and topped with moreish chocolate and sprinkled with crunchy walnuts.

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