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About Us

Welcome to the Home of Award-Winning Hungarian Food & Wine in the UK!
Let us take you on a mouth-watering journey through Hungary, “Europe's Pantry

Hungary is a country where centuries of gastronomic traditions meet a unique climate and a rich and fertile land. Since the middle ages, Hungarian delicacies were served around the tables of Europe.

We want to rekindle this tradition by introducing truly unique artisanal Hungarian honey, paprika, black truffle delicacies, caviar, balsamic and wine vinegar, oil, salami and fine wines.

We are two Hungarian foodies living in Wales, and with Best of Hungary we bring you healthy gourmet food with an award-winning pedigree from the heartland of Hungary straight to your door.

We source all of our products directly from the producers, most of whom are family-owned small businesses, while others are social co-operatives. We know exactly how each product is made, the people involved and their dedication to delivering the best of Hungary to you.

We are proud to celebrate the Best of Hungary and provide you with top-quality produce for you to create delicious dishes at home. Take a look at our recipe section for cooking inspiration.

We love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries and we will be happy to help.

Best Wishes,

Monika and Zoltan
0780 671 8730

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