Unique mangalitza bacon lightly salted then cold-smoked and dry-aged for maximum tenderness. This artisan charcuterie has a harmonic flavour and a succulent, unctuous texture.

The free-range bacon is high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as a range of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins while low in cholesterol, making it a healthy choice with heart-protective properties.

This versatile and creamy bacon is spreadable even at room temperature, making it perfect for sandwiches and toast. Thinly sliced, place on top of freshly roasted meat or fish, creating a melting outer layer and infusing the dish with a delightfully smoky aroma. You can also use it to make a delicious carbonara. 


Mangalitza bacon, salt

Tokaj Vicinitas Mangalitsa specialises in premium quality charcuterie from this unique Hungarian pig breed, famous for its thick, furry coat and hardy nature. Their herd of over 600 serves as a breeding stock of this protected species, it is kept out in the open and allowed to roam across meadows and woodlands. The result of this free-range lifestyle is fit and healthy specimen, providing meat that is rich in flavour and wholesome, cholesterol-lowering Omega fatty acids. Using traditional recipes and the finest local ingredients, all of the charcuterie is made in-house by a team of experts, in accordance with the highest quality standards, creating a unique range of authentic mangalica delicacies that represent the very best of this national treasure.

Slowly Braised Lamb Stew

Few dishes say comfort food like a pot of slowly braised stew, and lamb fried with aromatic smoked paprika and mangalitza bacon then cooked with a dash of red wine takes this beloved culinary genre to a whole new level.

Mangalitza Bacon 450g