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Tokaji Gourmet Food & Wine Hamper

A gourmet food and wine hamper of a dry Tokaji Furmint wine and three unique fine food delicacies. This is the perfect novelty gift to wine lovers and food connoisseurs or a great starting point for creating a dinner party to remember.

The hamper contains:

BALASSA Tokaji Furmint 2020: Tokaji Furmint created from the finest hand-picked grapes of four volcanic vineyards; this crisp white wine reflects the complexity of the Tokaj terroir. Medium body, with vibrant yet refined acidity and just a touch of oak. The fruity, intense nose shows herbal notes of delicate acacia and camomile. Friendly, attractive palate with a nuttiness and salty minerality, ending in a long finish of sweet spices.

Balsamic Tokaji Aszu Vinegar 200ml: Balsamic vinegar aged on Tokaji Aszu berries. This premium-quality vinegar is biologically fermented, a natural process that preserves the original character of the wine, and then aged in oak barrels used for maturing Aszu wine, allowing for complete harmony of flavours and aromas to develop. The result is a crisp and elegant balsamic vinegar with a light texture and delicate acidity. A dash of this versatile condiment makes an irresistible addition to soups, salads and pasta.

Grapeseed Oil from Tokaj 250ml: A flavourful cooking oil with the fragrant aroma of freshly pressed grape juice. This healthy oil is made by cold-pressing the finest seeds sourced directly from the wineries of Hungary's world-famous Tokaj region. A versatile pantry essential, its delicate flavour is a delightful addition to your salads.

Tokaji Wine Jelly with Truffle 50g: A unique wine jelly created by infusing sweet Tokaji wine with shavings of fragrant black truffles. This gourmet delicacy combines the delightful citrussy fruitiness of the wine with the deeply aromatic muskiness of the truffles. The wine jelly is the perfect addition to cheese platters and goes especially well with blue cheese and Camembert.

Balsamic Tokaji Aszu Vinegar 200ml: Furmint wine vinegar, concentrated grape must and furmint wine vinegar aged on Tokaji Aszu berries (furmint wine vinegar, 30% Aszu berries)

Grapeseed Oil from Tokaj 250ml: Cold-pressed grapeseed oil.

Tokaji Wine Jelly with Truffle 50g: Tokaji wine reduction, acacia honey, pectin, black truffle - Tuber aestivum (2%), truffle flavouring.