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Apricot Jam 350g

Traditional apricot jam from the ripest, sun-kissed fruits, with just a hint of sharpness providing an acidic counterpoint that makes this a truly enticing delicacy. The jam is made by slow-cooking small batches, just like in our great-grannies' time, ensuring that the sweet-summery aroma of the apricots comes alive on your palate.

Apricot jam is the perfect breakfast condiment, delicious on golden toast or a flaky croissant, while it also makes for a scrumptious cake or pancake filling. For a quick and healthy snack, mix it with Greek yoghurt or granola, or why not create a mouthwatering apricot tart bursting with flavour?

Due to lower than usual sugar content, this jam is ideal for those looking to cut-down on sugar either for dietary or health reasons, without making the slightest compromise on taste.


Apricots, sugar

The jam has the highest possible fruit content: 200g of fruit per 100g of the jam.

Average Nutrition per 100g


776kJ / 183kcal



   - of which saturates




   - of which sugar








Fruit de Bereg is a family-run artisan jam producer based in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county, in the renowned heartland of plum and apricot jam-making in Europe. The picturesque countryside is a delightful mix of quaint villages, meandering rivers and fruit orchards heavily laden with fragrant fruit. The region has a unique combination of rich alluvial soil and the perfect micro-climate for growing the finest juicy fruit bursting with flavour. This exceptional terroir, along with jam-making traditions reaching back centuries, make the jams of Fruit de Bereg an utterly irresistible proposition.

Apricot Tart

A light pastry infused with the irresistible summery fruit aromas of traditionally made apricot jam. Each bite of this delicious bake is a little bit of heaven.