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Award Winning Tokaji Aszu Vinegar 250ml

Award Winning Tokaji Aszu Vinegar 250ml

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Tokaji Aszu Vinegar

Product Description

Aszu was once known as the wine of the kings and the king of the wines, and now this unique Hungarian product is available for British consumers. The manufacturer consciously chooses barrels which have been used for maturing Tokaji Aszú wine for a couple of years. The wine vinegars are then matured in these oak barrels and during this time a complete harmony of flavours and aromas develops.

There are no additives, nor preservatives in these wine vinegars.

This top-quality vinegar is indispensable in haute cuisine.

This product won 2 Stars at the 2018 Great Taste Award.

About the Manufacturer

These vinegars were born in the heart of the Tokaj Wine Region as truly exclusive products, from the best quality wines of handpicked and selected grapes. The products are made by biological fermentation, a process which can preserve the original characters of the wines.

Preservative Free
Gluten Free
Lactose Free