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BALASSA Tokaji Furmint 2020

Tokaji Furmint created from the finest hand-picked grapes of four volcanic vineyards; this crisp white wine reflects the complexity of the Tokaj terroir.

Medium body, with vibrant yet refined acidity and just a touch of oak. The fruity, intense nose shows herbal notes of delicate acacia and camomile with butterscotch notes. Friendly, attractive palate with a nuttiness and salty minerality, ending in a long finish of sweet spices and ripe fruits. A refreshing and easy-going but seriously well-made wine.

Food Pairing

A great accompaniment to poultry, seafood and risotto, or try it with your Asian noodle bowl. It goes well with smoked cheese like a traditional Parenica, or serve it alongside a charcuterie board.

Serving temperature: 12-14°C

Grape variety: Furmint

Soil type: Clay and rhyolite tuff

Fermentation: 10 months of spontaneous fermentation in an oak barrel

Ageing: 9 months in steel tank and oak barrel

Alcohol content: 12.0%                   

Bottle size: 0.75l

Speciality: Vegan

Balassa Winery, Tokaj - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The boutique Balassa winery was established in 2005 by Istvan Balassa in the historic Tokaj wine region. Right from the beginning, Istvan, a perfectionist, was determined to produce only the highest-quality wines possible by maximising the potential of each vintage. It all starts in his vineyards with growing grapes of outstanding quality by applying a rigorous scientific approach to cultivation. He then creates each wine using artisanal wine-making methods, allowing the unique characteristics of the grape, the vineyard and the terroir to shine through in every drop.