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Acacia Honey in Craft Pot 500g

Acacia honey is loved for its harmonious and delicate flavour. The rich floral aroma of fragrant acacia blossoms is accompanied by a touch of citrusy freshness and tantalising vanilla notes.

The delicious award-winning honey comes in a handmade traditional honeypot, expertly crafted by an artisan master potter. It makes a lovely gift for your friends, or an attractive addition to your pantry shelf.

Acacia honey is slow to crystallise, and its beautiful liquid consistency and sweet taste make it a popular and healthy alternative to sugar in drinks and desserts. Simply drizzle over fresh toast or crusty bread for a delicious and indulgent start to your day. It is also easy to mix into batters, making it the ideal choice for baking.

Acacia honey has antibacterial properties that make it a natural and wholesome cold remedy. Take a spoonful a day to soothe coughing and a sore throat.

Received 2* at the 2018 Great Taste Award.

Comments from the Great Taste Judges:

"Quite beautiful in its clarity, with a tantalising aroma of acacia. A really natural, fragrant with a gentle hint of citric lime fruit and delicious taste - we applaud the natural production process. A mouth-watering quality to this honey with a freshness and vibrancy."


Acacia honey.

Raw, coarsely filtered, un-pasteurised, pure & natural honey.

Harvested in Hungary.

Váraljai’s Honey Farm is a family apiary based in the Hungarian Great Plains, an area of pristine natural beauty. This idyllic countryside, dotted by fragrant acacia forests and wild flowery meadows, provides the perfect setting for collecting the finest single-flower honey. The pure honey is sustainably harvested by award-winning beekeeper Lászlo Váraljai, using traditional methods in complete harmony with nature. The result is unpasteurised and unprocessed raw honey, bursting with natural goodness.

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