Raw Hungarian Lime Blossom Honey 250g

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Product Description

Lime blossom honey has a distinctive aroma with a strong sweet-wooden flavour and mouthwatering notes of citrus fruits and hints of mint. Its colour ranges from light yellow to dark orange to amber.

When crystallized, it becomes more buttery in consistency, making it easy to spread on toast and layer in cakes. Alternatively, mix it into natural yoghurt to allow its range of flavours to flourish, or drizzle over a fruit salad to give it a delightful citrussy twist.

Lime blossom honey is considered one of the healthiest honey varieties. It is rich in vitamins, especially B1, as well as a range of amino acids and pollen. Its potent antiseptic properties makes it a popular choice to alleviate the symptoms of colds, flu, cough and bronchitis. Its regular consumption before going to sleep may also help those suffering from insomnia.

Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

GMO, gluten and lactose free.

Suitable for vegetarians.


100% Raw Hungarian Lime Blossom Honey

About the Manufacturer

Varaljai’s Honey Farm is a family business run by the award-winning expert apiarist Laszlo Varaljai. The company is located in Southern Hungary, in the middle of the Hungarian Great Plains, an area of pristine natural beauty, sparsely populated and untouched by industrialisation. This bucolic countryside, dotted by forests of acacia and chestnut trees and with flowery meadows of fragrant lavender and milkweed nestled among fields of canola and sunflower, provides the perfect conditions for the harvesting of the finest pure single-flower honey possible. The honey is extracted using traditional methods in a sustainable manner, in total harmony with nature. The result is unpasteurised and unprocessed raw honey, teeming with natural goodness.