Pick salami is a famous Hungarian charcuterie built on a rich history and continuous excellence over the past 150 years. This unique salami is expertly prepared from prime cuts of fresh pork and a secret combination of spices. The cold smoking process, combined with the special micro-climate created by the nearby Tisza river, ensure the development of salami with a distinctive flavour and smoky aroma. The surface is evenly covered with a greyish-white noble mould.

Pick salami is delicious in sandwiches, as a pizza topping or sliced into risottos and pasta sauces. It makes the perfect centrepiece for charcuterie boards, going exceptionally well with hard cheese, including Cheddar, Parmesan or Gouda.


Pork, pork fat, salt, spices, sugar (saccharose), preservative (E250), smoke.

100g product made using 159g meat

Crispy Salami Pasta

If you find yourself short on time and lacking fancy ingredients, then with a just a couple of kitchen staples and some trusty Pick salami, you can create a divine pasta dish with ease.

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Pick Salami 400g