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Baracskai Cheese 200g

Baracskai is a unique hard cheese with striking looks and a fascinating backstory. According to legend, the cheesemaker who created Baracskai in the 16th century lacked milk after the evening's milking for making a full-size cheese. Therefore, he sealed the top with a layer of ash, then placed the fresh cheese made in the morning over the top of it and aged it in one piece. This artisan cow's cheese is aged for a minimum of four months, and it has a deliciously creamy and mellow flavour.

Baracskai is an excellent addition to cheese boards, and you can take it to new gastronomic heights by serving it with an indulgent wine jelly.


Pasteurised milk, culture, rennet, lysozyme, ash, salt.

Anita Kun created her first homemade cheese in 2010, and what initially started as a hobby has become a professional enterprise that has recently seen her become the most successful Hungarian cheesemaker. Her traditional Hungarian cheese range has garnered awards and recognition on the international stage, including being awarded the 'Best Artisan Cheese' at the World Cheese Awards 2021. Working with her husband, the family team put their heart and soul into everything they do to bring you 'Cheese with Love'.

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