Stuffed Pepper

Stuffed Pepper

Stuffed pepper is another classic Hungarian dish, which was once a dish only made in the pepper and tomato growing season. To ensure that it packs the most flavour possible, make it when they are at the peak of freshness, and then freeze any leftovers (like that is going to happen) to enjoy this delicious meal all year round.

Stuffed Pepper


10 yellow and red bell peppers

1 minced onion

1 lb ground pork

½ cup rice, partly cooked

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp sweet and smoked paprika

½ tsp hot paprika

2 cans tomato juice

1 cup water

1 tbsp lard or oil

Sugar to taste

Sour cream (crème fraiche)

Cooking Instructions

Par boil rice for 5 minutes, then rinse and set aside to cool.

Wash peppers, remove tops, seeds and scrape clean with a spoon.

Brown the minced onions in lard or oil, then in a large bowl combine it with the meat, the par-boiled rice, salt, pepper and the paprika.

Stuff the peppers with this mix and form little balls from any leftovers.

Place the peppers and any meatballs into a deep pot, then pour the tomato juice and water to cover them up. Simmer for around 45 minutes until rice and meat is cooked.

Serve with generous dollops of sour cream, mashed potatoes and fresh crusty bread.

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