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KREINBACHER Nagy-Somlói Juhfark 2019

Juhfark, meaning Sheep's Tail because of the appearance of the bunches, is one of the remarkable indigenous grape varieties of the Somló Hill wine region. It is also known as the 'Wine of the Wedding Nights', as it was widely believed to increase the likelihood of a baby boy being born.

Attractive nose with citrus, sweet pear aromas and mineral tones characteristic of the Somló terroir, youthful but complex at the same time. Herbs and spice on the palate, with refreshing acidity amplifying the flavours of citrus fruits and a hint saltiness. Long mineral finish, soft and rounded mouthfeel. 

Food pairing

This refreshing Juhfark makes a lovely aperitif on its own, or will go well with creamy pasta or rice dishes, grilled fish or green salads and light fresh cheeses. 

Serving temperature: 12-14°C

Grape variety: Juhfark (Sheep's Tail)

Soil type: Volcanic                      

Fermentation:60% in stainless steel tank - 40% in wooden casks

Ageing: 8 months in Hungarian & French oak barrels

Alcohol content: 13%                

Bottle size: 0.75l         

Kreinbacher Estate, Somló - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)     

The Kreinbacher Estate was founded by József Kreinbacher in 2002, on the gently rolling slopes of the Somló Hills. It is a place where a rich alluvial subsoil meets the perfect micro-climate, creating the ideal conditions for cultivating grapes of outstanding minerality. The first sparkling wines were introduced in 2014, opening a new chapter in the history of the region that has seen the Kreinbacher Estate become the most decorated Hungarian sparkling wine maker. Crafted by a team of in-house experts and renowned outside consultants, each bottle is a revelation, as the unparalleled aroma of the grapes is masterly developed through the méthode traditionnelle approach, creating stunning vintages worthy of the highest international awards. 

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