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Honey Selection Gift Set 6 x 50g

This selection of six raw honey varieties is perfect for experiencing the best of the Hungarian countryside and it is a stylish gift for your foodie friends. It contains the following:

Acacia Honey - harmonic taste and a delicately mild flavour. Tantalising vanilla notes accompany the rich floral aroma of fragrant acacia blossoms.

This honey received 2* at the 2018 Great Taste Awards.

Canola Blossom Honey - medium intensity honey with a taste-bud tingling sweet-peppery flavour and moderately low sweetness. Since it crystalises rapidly, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for set honey.

Chestnut Honey - magnificently aromatic honey with a deep and malty taste and a beautifully rich and nutty flavour. Its herbal aroma and wonderful middling dark brown colour make it a fantastic addition to cheese boards.

Lime Blossom Honey - is one of the most delicious honey, with a distinctive aroma and a strong sweet-wooden flavour. When crystallised, it has a buttery aspect, with large white crystals. Extremely healthy honey variety, rich in vitamins, amino acids and pollen.

This honey received 3* at the 2019 Great Taste Awards.

Milkweed Honey - it has a powerful, sweet and spicy smell and a distinctive aromatic flavour with a hint of vanilla. Milkweed Honey is a recognised Hungarian speciality.

This honey received 1* at the 2018 Great Taste Awards.

Sunflower Honey - medium intensity sweet and slightly heavier taste, with a unique, mildly oily aroma.


Acacia honey, canola blossom honey, chestnut honey, lime blossom honey, milkweed honey and sunflower honey.

Raw, coarsely filtered, un-pasteurised, pure & natural honey.

Harvested in Hungary.

Váraljai’s Honey Farm is a family apiary based in the Hungarian Great Plains. This area of pristine natural beauty, dotted by fragrant acacia forests and wild flowery meadows, provides the perfect setting for collecting the finest single-flower honey. Award-winning beekeeper Lászlo Váraljai sustainably harvests pure honey using traditional methods in complete harmony with nature. The result is unpasteurised and unprocessed raw honey, bursting with flavour and healthy goodness.