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Cheese Crackers 100g

Cheese crackers called 'Sajtos Tallér' have been made by the Ziegler family for over half a century, and these delicious savoury biscuits are now a popular snack and a true Hungarian speciality. Thin with a lovely crunch, these traditional wafers are made with aromatic blue cheese for an intense experience.

Cheese crackers are the perfect drink snack for our range of Hungarian lagers or try them with a glass of powerful red wine for an authentic experience.

Wheat flour, blue cheese 15% (pasteurised milk, salt, lactic acid bacteria culture, rennet, calcium-chloride, blue cheese culture), salt, sunflower oil, skimmed milkpowder, egg powder, soy lecithin, paprika, black pepper.

Average Nutrition per 100g
Energy 1581kJ / 375kcal
Fat 9.9g
   - of which saturates 2.5g
Carbohydrates 59g
   - of which sugar 0.5g
Protein 12g
Salt 3.1g

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