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Rapeseed Honey with Royal Jelly, Propolis & Pollen 500g

Rapeseed honey, also known as canola blossom honey, is an aromatic variety with a sweet-peppery flavour and moderately low sweetness. Its silky smooth, intensely creamy texture makes this an excellent choice if you are looking for set honey.

Rapeseed honey is rich in amino acids and enzymes, and the addition of royal jelly, propolis and pollen reinforce its already potent health benefits. The powerful combination of nature's three elixirs creates a powerful immune enhancer, while its regular consumption may aid with stress relief and reduce inflammation.

Mix into yoghurt or porridge, or use as an indulgent spread on warm toast for a healthy start to your day. You can also substitute it for sugar as a healthy alternative in tea and coffee.


Rapeseed honey (94.6%), propolis extract (4%), pollen (1%), royal jelly (0.4%).

Pure & natural honey.

Harvested in Hungary.

Váraljai’s Honey Farm is a family apiary based in the Hungarian Great Plains. This area of pristine natural beauty, dotted by fragrant acacia forests and wild flowery meadows, provides the perfect setting for collecting the finest single-flower honey. Award-winning beekeeper Lászlo Váraljai sustainably harvests pure honey using traditional methods in complete harmony with nature. The result is unpasteurised and unprocessed raw honey, bursting with flavour and healthy goodness.

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