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TOKAJICUM Tokaji Szamorodni 2019

Tokaji Szamorodni is the little brother of the famous Aszú, and this luscious yet approachable vintage is the perfect introduction to Hungarian sweet wine.

This Tokaji Szamorodni is a complex wine with a deepening gold colour, an intensely floral aroma and a rich flavour of honey, orange peel, mango, and winter spices with a hint of botrytis. An easy-drinking wine, as the acidity of the Furmint grape perfectly balances the natural sweetness.

Food Pairing

An everyday luxury, this sweet wine is the ideal choice to go with goose liver and blue cheese or try it with cakes. We recommend serving with spicy Asian dishes for the more adventurous, and you can even use it as a basis for a Christmas wine soup to get you in the festive spirit.  

Serving temperature: 9-11°C

Grape variety: Furmint and Hárslevelű

Soil type: Rhyolite tuff

Fermentation: In oak barrels

Ageing: 1 year in oak barrels

Alcohol content: 11.0%

Bottle size: 0.5l

Speciality: Vegan


Eurasia Wine & Spirits Competition 2021- Gold Medal

Asia Wine Challenge 2021 - Silver Medal

Tokajicum Winery, Tokaj - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The Tokajicum Winery is based in the historical region of Tokaj, known as one of the most complex wine-producing areas in the world. The winery cultivates grapes over 20 hectares of prime land, working with 40 years or older vines, bringing alive the minerality of the volcanic terroir in every bottle. Under the guidance of renowned head winemaker László Buttella, the winery creates refreshing dry white and luscious sweet wines that reflect the authentic character of Tokaj.

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