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Walnut Beigli 500g

Diós beigli is a traditional Hungarian walnut roll. This festive cake is hand-prepared by master confectioners using an irresistible filling made from the finest ground walnuts combined with scrumptious golden raisins and candied orange peel.

Walnut beigli is perfect on its own or served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an indulgent moment of gastronomic bliss.

Contains eggs, gluten, lactose and nuts.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Meet the Producer

The Nándori Cukrászda is a multi-award winner patisserie located in the heart of Budapest. Established over 60 years ago, the family business can look back on a rich history of outstanding bakes, including multiple podiums at the prestigious 'Cake of Hungary' competition. A dedicated team of master confectioners uses the best Hungarian ingredients to create culinary masterpieces that deserve to take pride of place at any dining table.

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