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Hungarian Hot Smoked Paprika from Szeged

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Hungarian Hot Smoked Paprika from Szeged

Product Description

This product has been made from 100% Hungarian raw pepper, and you are buying nothing less than top quality hot paprika powder, which has been smoked. No wonder that this product has a great reputation world-wide. The exceptional qualities of the product are the result of the greatest care, expertise and traditional processing techniques. The product is free from artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers and thickening agents.

In 2010 the European Commission approved the Protected Designation of Origin title for Szeged paprika. This means that all production and technological procedures ranging from seed production to grinding which are performed in the Szeged region are carried out under controlled conditions.

About the Manufacturer

The Csuri family is growing new varieties of Hungarian paprika using traditional methods in a smallholding passed down the generations. The result is a paprika powder with outstanding colour and aroma, and high in vitamins and nutrients due to the carefully controlled growing conditions.