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Goose Liver - Goose Liver Block 200g

Goose Liver Block 200g

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Goose Liver Block

Product Description

Delicate pink pieces of goose liver in a creamy liver paste.

Storage life: 4 years

Serves 4

Serving recommendation: served cold

Recommendation for use: Dip the cooled can for 2-3 seconds into warm water, then slip out the product and slice it. We recommend consuming it as a spread on toast or with fruits and vegetables.

Drink recommendation: sweet white wine.

About the Manufacturer

Rex Ciborum’s history started back in 1896, and in the following century it has become the pre-eminent producer of duck and goose liver products in Hungary, which is the second largest producer and largest exporter of these products in the world. They combine a traditional approach of care and attention to detail with modern technologies and the highest welfare standards. As a result, you can be confident that the product you are buying is unrivalled in its quality and taste, while the animals have been treated with the respect they deserve.


Goose liver (88%), water, Tokaji Aszú, salt, egg powder, white pepper, antioxidant (calcium-dinatrium-ethylene-diamine-tetraacetyl), preservative (sodium-nitrite).


Average nutritional value per 100g:

Energy 1624kJ /388 kcal

Fat 39,3 g

Saturates 16,3 g

Carbohydrate 1,3 g

Sugar 0,03 g

Protein 7,2 g

Salt 1,4 g