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Sponsoring the Real Pearl Foundation

Sponsoring the Real Pearl Foundation

Here at Best of Hungary we are passionate about supporting rural farmers, small artisan businesses and underprivileged rural communities. As part of our work we are proud to sponsor the Real Pearl Foundation, which aims to alleviate the plight of the Roma people. This is a non-governmental organisation helping to develop communities in one of the most underprivileged regions of Hungary, near Berettyóújfalu. Since 1999 they have been running programs including art education, family care, crisis management and vocational training courses.

Their work centres around supporting disadvantaged Roma people, including many children. The art programmes are focused on developing students' self expression and their self esteem and on building up their confidence. Students win more than 500 awards each year in a variety of domestic and international children’s art competitions.

By purchasing products from Best of Hungary you will also be assisting the truly life changing work carried out by this foundation. Thank you!

To demonstrate the outstanding work they carry out, here is a quote from one of the key workers, Erzsi, from the village of Told...

“Our village is a dead end. We have no jobs, no grocery store, nothing. The Real Pearl Foundation spends a lot of time with the children, improving their learning skills. They organize a meeting every week where we can discuss many things, both with them and among ourselves. A lot has changed around here. Most importantly, we get along much better. If we have a disagreement, we can talk it out. We enjoy being together. More and more of us think that together we can improve lives here. I believe this tiny village has a future and that our children will have it better”.


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