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Szicsek Premium Plum Palinka 0.5l

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Product Description

A traditional palinka based on a family recipe, made using a selected variety of sweet plums. With rich aromas evoking the cherished memories of your grandmother’s plum preserve, this palinka will become your favourite drink in the world as soon as you take a sip of it.

Palinka is the national drink of Hungary and is renowned as the ‘queen of all fruit brandies’. It is made from only the ripest fruits, which are destoned and then fermented for 10-15 days. The crucial next step in creating an excellent palinka is to distil the fermented fruit, a process which relies on the expert knowledge of the master distillers. Finally, the palinka is matured in wooden barrels which imbues it with additional flavour and colour, before it is bottled and ready to drink. Palinka is recommended to be served at 18-23 Celsius, as its smell and taste is most pronounced under these conditions. For the best experience, consume from a traditional tulip-shaped glass, with a wide bottom and narrow rim, which magnifies the natural aroma of the palinka.

44% ABV

About the Manufacturer

Szicsek Palinka's history started in 1982, when its founder, James Szicsek, was tasked with leading the county's Grand Distillery, located in the Hungarian Great Plains. He then used this experience to open his own distillery in 1988, and Szicsek Palinka soon became known around the world for a reputation of outstanding spirits. James' unwavering dedication to quality and his eye for detail, coupled with the ideal surrounding of orchards bearing ripe heady fruits, resulted in palinkas of unparalleled flavour, bursting with natural fruit aromas. His work has received domestic and international acclaim, and we are now pleased to be able to provide the veritable national drink of Hungary to our customers in collaboration with Szicsek Palinka UK.