A rich, matured bresaola with an irresistibly meaty texture, made from the finest water buffalo rump, this is an artisan gourmet charcuterie with a deep and complex flavour profile. The water buffalo is first marinated in organic red wine and fresh local herbs and spices, then smoked over fragrant beech-wood.

A special edition gourmet charcuterie made with water buffalo and mangalitza. The artisanal chorizo combines free-range meat from these two native Hungarian breeds, which have been marinated in organic red wine and seasoned with local wild herbs, then smoked over aromatic beech-wood, creating a truly unique experience. The rich, meaty flavour of water buffalo is wonderfully balanced by the addition of mangalitza pancetta, which gives it a tender and juicy texture.

Water buffalo is naturally low in cholesterol.

Cut into thin slices it is delicious on its own, while you can also serve it with some lemon juice or a dash of balsamic vinegar. Create a gourmet salad with rocket leaves, cracked black pepper and freshly shaved Parmesan cheese.


Water buffalo meat, organic red wine, spices, sea salt, smoke.

Gastro Buffalo products are created to aid the conservation of ancient Hungarian breeds. The animals roam freely across the buffalo sanctuary based in the foothills of the Mátra mountains. The buffalos consume a natural diet of herbs and grasses, while their healthy free-range lifestyle ensures that the resulting artisan charcuterie is full of flavour. Treat your taste buds while supporting the sustainable future of these majestic native animals.

Water Buffalo Bresaola 200g