A rich, matured bresaola from the finest venison rump, this is a gourmet charcuterie with a deep and complex flavour profile. The venison is first marinated with juniper berries, bay leaves and white pepper, then smoked over fragrant beech-wood. Lean with an irresistible texture, this is wild game royalty fit for a king.

Venison is naturally low in cholesterol and has the highest protein content of all game meats.

Cut into thin slices it is delicious on its own, while you can also serve it with some lemon juice or a dash of balsamic vinegar. Create a gourmet salad with rocket leaves, cracked black pepper and freshly shaved Parmesan cheese.


Free range venison, salt, spices.

The gourmet charcuterie of Venison Gusto embodies what is best in Hungary’s traditional approach to salami making. An age-old recipe is combined with the know-how and expertise of their master charcutier, who personally overseas the creation of each salami. Red deer are allowed to roam free across forests and meadows, foraging on a natural diet of grasses, shrubs and berries. Only carefully selected animals are used in a sustainable manner, ensuring the long-term future of the wild game population. Their incessant pursuit of excellence results in a unique delicacy full of flavour, which brings the unparalleled taste of the Hungarian wilderness to your table.