Delux hamper of exclusive black truffle delicacies. It is the perfect treat for truffle lovers, or use it to prepare a showstopping and memorable dinner party.

The hamper contains:

Acacia Honey with Truffle 60g: Golden acacia honey with slices of aromatic black summer truffle. The delicate floral notes of the honey pair perfectly with the earthy, deep musky fragrance of the black truffle. A taster sized premium quality gourmet delicacy, perfect to elevate any dish.

Black Truffle Pesto 150g: Truffle pesto created by combining aromatic champignon and porcini mushrooms with fragrant black truffles, almonds and the finest olive oil, resulting in an intensely flavoured gourmet delicacy. With a jar of this potent pesto, you can readily infuse any dish with an earthy and moreish truffle flavour.

Olive Oil with Burgundy Truffle 100ml: A delicate truffle infused oil, created by combining finely pressed grapeseed oil with magnificently aromatic Istrian white truffle (Tuber Magnatum). It is smooth and light in character, making it a great counterpoint to stronger tasting olive oils. Due to its potent aroma, you only need a few drops of this precious oil to transform a dish into a gastronomic delight.

Plum Jam with Truffle 140g: A traditional Hungarian plum preserve, cooked slowly in a cauldron until it reaches a delightfully viscous consistency. It is then combined with aromatic balsamic vinegar, its slight acidity providing a mouth-watering counterpoint to the natural sweetness of the plums. Finally, fragrant black summer truffles are added to create a jam like no other.

Tokaji Wine Jelly with Truffle 50g: Unique wine jelly created by infusing the renowned Tokaji Aszu sweet wine with shavings of fragrant black summer truffles. The result is a gourmet delicacy of unparalleled flavour, combining the delightful citrussy fruitiness of the wine with the deeply aromatic muskiness of the truffles. The wine jelly is the perfect addition to cheese platters and goes especially well with blue cheese and Camembert.

The truffles are foraged for by abandoned dogs, trained by an animal rescue charity.


Acacia Honey with Truffle 60g: Acacia honey, 5% truffle (Tuber aestivum) and natural flavouring

Black Truffle Pesto 150g: Champignon, extra virgin olive oil, olives, 5% black truffle (Tuber aestivum), porcini, almond, natural truffle aroma and salt

Olive Oil with Burgundy Truffle 100ml: Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, 5% black truffle (Tuber aestivum) and natural truffle aroma

Plum Jam with Truffle 140g:

Tokaji Wine Jelly with Truffle 50g: Tokaji wine reduction, honey, 5% black truffle (Tuber aestivum) and natural flavouring

The products of Hungarian Heritage were crafted using the finest ingredients, to bring you the flavours of the Golden Age of Hungary. Inspired by traditional recipes and created by a team of taste masters, each truffle delicacy has a unique flavour profile, built by the most discerning palates. All the handpicked ingredients come from the pristine countryside and are fully traceable from farm to fork. As a result, each jar is a revelation, and whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift, you can be certain that you are getting the best of Hungary.

Baked Apple with Truffle Wine Jelly

An indulgent side dish or a gourmet dessert, these delicious baked apples are given a divine touch by the addition of a richly aromatic Tokaji wine jelly infused with fragrant black truffles. The delicate sweetness of the wine jelly perfectly complements the natural tartness of the apple and the mineral acidity of the sparkling wine, while the earthy truffle aromas turn this into a truly irresistible treat.

It makes a great accompaniment to roast meat, especially pork and beef, while served with some fresh whipped cream on the side, it is your one-way ticket to gastronomic bliss.

Carrot Salad with a Twist

If you think you know what carrot salad tastes like, then think again! This recipe comes with a serious flavour twist, courtesy of some gorgeously aromatic Acacia Honey with Truffles, turning a humble salad into the star of the meal. What's more, you can prepare it in less than ten minutes, making it the perfect side dish for a dinner party if you ever find yourself short on time.

Truffle Tagliatelle

An indulgent pasta dish ready in just 20 minutes, perfect to bring a gourmet touch to a weekday evening. The fresh pasta infused with the earthy, moreish black truffle flavour makes for an irresistible combination.