White wine vinegar from the famous Tokaji Furmint wine aged on aromatic tarragon leaves, the undisputed king of green herbs. Biologically fermented, a natural process which preserves the original character of the wine, and then aged in oak barrels used for maturing Aszu wine, allowing for a complete harmony of flavours and aromas to develop. The result is a crisp and elegant white wine vinegar with a light texture and delicate acidity, making this an essential gourmet ingredient in your pantry.

A dash of this versatile condiment makes an irresistible addition to soups, salads and pasta. You can also use it to prepare a delicious marinade or give a mouth-watering twist to poultry dishes and roast potatoes.

The regular consumption of vinegar may improve cardiac health and insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol and aid in maintaining a healthy weight.


Furmint wine vinegar aged on tarragon (furmint wine vinegar, 25% tarragon)

The multi-award-winning vinegars of Borecet Kft are born in the heart of the Tokaj Region, a pristine area famed for its unique volcanic soil and outstanding produce. The balsamic and wine vinegars are expertly crafted from the finest locally grown fruits and world-renowned Tokaji white wines. An all-natural production process and careful attention to detail create a range of truly exclusive gourmet products you can rely on, adding to your dishes with a tantalising culinary twist.

Gourmet Roast Potatoes

Treat yourself to a side-dish fit for a king and turn the humble roast potato into a culinary triumph. The Furmint white wine vinegar aged in traditional oak barrels gives this dish such a flavour boost, that you will never look at roast potatoes in the same way again.

Asparagus Cream Soup

An easy to make, healthy and delicious dinner option, this asparaus soup is given an irresistible gourmet touch by a dash of aromatic and flavourful white wine vinegar.