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World Award Winner Sweet Bite

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Sweet Bite

Product Description

Sweet Bite is a sweet and hot chili sauce inspired by Thai Cuisine, created by the addition of sour cherry and honey to the chili sauce. It is especially recommended for gourmands and  lovers of oriental flavours, as it simplifies the cooking of your Asian favourites. It can also be used for dipping or as a topping on sandwiches and pizzas.

This sauce won its Category of Hot/Asian Sauces and also won the title: "Best Hot Sauce in The World" in 2017, at the World Hot Sauce Awards, a competition held in the US.

About the Manufacturer

Chili Hungaria is an artisan manufacturer of hand-made award winning sauces, created using only the finest ingredients and the greatest care and expertise. Their recipes were created by blending traditional manufacturing methods and modern techniques, and they have refined their products through the fire of constant competition at the world stage.


Cherry tomato, chili, sour cherry, honey, brown onion, garlic, salt and preservative (sodium benzoate)