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   Medium-bodied red wine with an intense aroma of ripe, fleshy fruit including cherry and strawberry, as well as barrel spices and tantalising vanilla notes. This is a young wine with tight acidity that perfectly balances the considerable alcohol and medium tannins, creating a silky smooth drink with a long, flourishing finish.

   Made from the favourite grape variety of winemaker Tamás Riczu, this is an elegant red wine that strikes the perfect balance between dynamism and body. An excellent example of a red wine from Villány, with all the characteristics of kékfrankos melded into beautiful unity.

Food Pairing Recommendation

   The wines acidity makes it the perfect drink to go alongside heavier, heartier dishes like steak, sausages and BBQ meats. It also cuts beautifully through spicier dishes, making it the ideal pairing for hot Asian curries like a vindaloo or even Sichuan chicken. 

Serving temperature: 14-16°C

Winery: Riczu Tamás Winery, Villány - Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)

   Having married into a wine making family, over the last 15 years Tamás Riczu went from a novice to one of the leading lights of the Villány region. With a degree in oenology, he is now at the vanguard of a new approach that seeks natural perfection in every bottle. He believes that a perfect wine is created in the vineyard, so he uses strict yield-controls to maximise the flavour and minerality of the grapes. The ripe fruit is then hand-picked under his supervision and then vinified using completely natural methods, creating premium quality wines which are organic in all but name.

Grape Variety: Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch)

Soil Type: Limestone, loess and clay

Fermentation: Controlled in stainless steel tank

Ageing: 12 months in 225l second-filled Hungarian oak barrel

Alcohol Content: 14.5%                   

Bottle Size: 0.75l

Specialty: Vegan