Raw Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb 230g

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Product Description

Honeycomb is made up of the hexagonal shaped cells, produced by bees and used to store honey. This honeycomb was made from Hungarian Acacia Honey, which has become a well-established, trusted brand name accepted as the mark of outstanding quality and value in the last few decades. Acacia honey has a harmonic taste and the aroma of acacia blossoms. It is a mild, not very acidic honey. Acacia honey is renowned for its antiseptic effect, and is widely used to treat the symptoms of colds and sore-throats, which is enhanced by the addition of honeycomb.

This product is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It is GMO, gluten and lactose free. Suitable for vegetarians.

About the Manufacturer

The family business is using traditional method to extract the honey, it is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed natural honey. They don't give any antibiotics or any medicine to his bees. This product is harvested solely from reliable areas and it is not mixed honey from other sources.