Chewy and moreish golden acacia honeycomb, with a harmonic floral taste and fragrant aroma of acacia blossoms, rounded-out by a touch of citrusy freshness and tantalising vanilla notes.

Acacia honeycomb is the perfect addition to yogurt and oatmeal for a healthy and indulgent start to your day, or let it melt over warm toast for a delicious breakfast treat.

Received 1* at the 2019 Great Taste Award.

Comments from the Great Taste Judges:

"Golden honey with a generous honeycomb, we liked the delicate notes that are present, rather lovely. A texture that coats the mouth and gives a sweet acacia flavour. This is long lasting and with that lovely comforting experience that a good honey delivers."


Acacia honeycomb.

Raw, coarsely filtered, un-pasteurised, pure & natural honey.

Harvested in Hungary.

Váraljai’s Honey Farm is a family apiary based in the Hungarian Great Plains, an area of pristine natural beauty. This idyllic countryside, dotted by fragrant acacia forests and wild flowery meadows, provides the perfect setting for collecting the finest single-flower honey. The pure honey is sustainably harvested by award-winning beekeeper Lászlo Váraljai, using traditional methods in complete harmony with nature. The result is unpasteurised and unprocessed raw honey, bursting with natural goodness.

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Raw Acacia Honeycomb 210g