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Pesto with Truffles 125g

Pesto with Truffles 125g

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Pesto with Truffles

Product Description

This pesto is made using a variety of mushrooms, including autumn truffle (Tuber Uncinatum), with oily nuts and spices and the finest olive oil. This strong tasting product can almost be used as a spice. Some people put a lot of pesto on their pasta, but a little is enough for family sized portions. Sometimes less is more!

Suggestions for use: All types of pasta dishes, in sauces or in mushroom based dish. Can be used with fish and with sea food. Delicious with roast chicken, pork and lamb. Makes an ideal baste or spice for red meats. Can be used in fillings, with cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese. Also heavenly in whips and creams, soufflés, puddings, rice dishes.