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Peeled Roasted Chestnut 100g

Whole peeled roasted chestnuts are a versatile pantry essential, as well as a healthy gourmet snack. Made from the finest chestnuts, harvested each autumn at peak freshness and gently roasted to enhance their irresistible naturally nutty flavour. 

Roasted chestnuts go perfectly with red wine, complementing the red fruit aromas and oak notes of your favourite vintages. You can also use these as a base for a warming chestnut soup, serve with brussels sprouts for a delicious side dish, or incorporate them in your bakes for a delicious nutty twist. Ready to eat straight from the bag, the roasted chestnuts are naturally rich in fibre while low in fat, making them a filling and wholesome snacking choice. 


Whole peeled roasted chestnut

Product of China.

Average Nutrition per 100g
Energy 832kJ / 199kcal
Fat 1.2g
   - of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrates 38.5g
   - of which sugar 7.4g
Fibre 7.6g
Protein 4.3g
Salt 0g

Founded in 1987 by Master Confectioner György Schweickhardt, the Maroni brand represents decades of expertise in working with fresh chestnuts to create gourmet delicacies which bring the authentic flavour of chestnuts to your table.

Caramelised Chestnut

Create a scrumptious gourmet side-dish to go alongside your Sunday roast. In a skillet, caramelise 4 tablespoon honey on medium to low heat, stirring constantly. Add 500g of peeled roasted chestnut and mix until the chestnuts are evenly covered by the caramelised honey and it is ready to serve.