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Riesling is the principal grape variety of the cool-climate Pannonhalma wine region, and it is also one of the primary grapes cultivated in the south-facing vineyards of the Pannonhalma Archabbey.

This is a refreshing and elegant vintage with a rich aroma of mint leaves and a smooth touch of grape blossoms, followed by citrus notes of grapefruit and lime on the palate. The quintessential summer wine with a true Riesling structure, it is perfect for drinking now but will get even better with age.

Food pairing

Recommended alongside cold starters, salads, seafood and fish as well as for friendly discussions on warm summer evenings.

Serving temperature: 11-12°C

Grape variety: Riesling

Soil type:Sand and loess, brown woodland soil, white and red clay

Fermentation:Stainless steel tank

Ageing:Stainless steel tank

Alcohol content: 12.5%                   

Bottle size: 0.75l 

Special feature: Vegetarian

Pannonhalma Archabbey - Pannonhalma Region - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Winemaking was introduced to the Pannonhalma region when Benedictine monks founded their monastery in 996, establishing organised viticulture in Hungary. In 2000, the abbey repurchased vineyards that had been previously confiscated and began replanting grapevines under the guidance of the well-respected winemaker Tibor Gál, while a modern gravity flow cellar was also built. Pannonhalma is one of the smallest wine regions of the country, with growing conditions similar to Alsace and Burgundy. The Archabbey Winery cultivates a combination of native and international varieties using sustainable farming practices and uses hand-harvesting to bring an authentic taste of the terroir, which reflects its long history and rich traditions.

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