Oscietra (Acipenser gueldenstadtii) caviar has medium-sized (2.5-3.0 mm) grains, and is famous for its outstanding quality. It is firm to the bite, with a rich flavour of roasted nuts, and a long buttery finish. Prepared in a Malossol fashion, using just the right amount of sea salt to ensure a flawless grain structure (<4% salt).

Caviar is traditionally served on blinis over a layer of crème fraiche. Alternatively, serve on top of smoked salmon slices with a couple of capers, while boiled eggs and scallops are also popular choices. We recommend that you serve the caviar using mother of pearl spoons to prevent the metal cutlery interfering with its taste.

If you are looking for a fully authentic and indulgent experience, then accompany it with our hand-picked Hungarian sparkling wine from Béres Winery.

We take the utmost care to ensure that you receive your caviar in perfect condition, which means that it is fresh-packed and shipped overnight in a chilled box. As caviar is a very delicate product, its quality can be affected by improper handling and storage. We recommend that you keep it in the coldest part of your refrigerator, at a temperature approaching, but not below 0o Celsius. Unopened, it will last for up to 3 weeks refrigerated. Once opened, for the best experience, consume within 48 hours, ensuring that you place the lid on between servings to prevent excess exposure to air.

Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Gluten and lactose free.


Oscietra roe and salt

About the Producer

Danubius Caviar was launched by the „ELŐRE” Fishing Cooperative in Western Hungary, in 2012. The company started-out in 1990’s to repopulate sturgeon and sterlet into the Danube River, where both fish are indigenous. Their expansion into caviar production is centred around over 65 years of tradition and know-how, allied with a dedication to continuous innovation and an incessant pursuit of excellence. They are using the latest, eco-friendly technologies, to produce the highest quality caviar. The fish are kept in large, outdoor pools filled with fresh spring water, which are heated and cooled with green energy. Due to our close connection with the Fishing Cooperative we have an annual allocation of their finest caviar, ensuring that you are tasting nothing but the best of Hungary.