Organic Raw Hungarian Acacia Honey with Honeycomb 500g

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Acacia Honey is a mild honey with a harmonic taste and the rich floral aroma of acacia blossoms, with just a hint of vanilla. Its hue ranges from nearly colourless to very light amber. Acacia honey is slow to crystallise and remains liquid for a long time. The honey comes with a piece of pure golden honeycomb, a chewy and moreish delight.

Acacia honey's runny consistency and sweet taste makes it a popular and healthy alternative to sugar in drinks and desserts, as well as the honey of choice when baking, as it easy to mix into batters. Alternatively, just drizzle it over fresh toast or crusty bread for a delicious morning pick-me-up.

Due to Acacia honey's antibacterial properties, a spoonful of it is recommended to ease coughing and sore throat. Meanwhile its ratio of fructose to sucrose means it is ideal for diabetics. Honeycomb is known to reduce levels of bad cholesterol, while at the same time increase the levels of good cholesterol, contributing to your vascular health. Meanwhile, naturally occurring antioxidants can protect the liver.

Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

GMO, gluten and lactose free.

Suitable for vegetarians.


100% Organic Raw Hungarian Acacia Honey with Honeycomb

About the Manufacturer

Zselici Apiary is a family business based in the pristine countryside south-west of Lake Balaton. They use traditional methods to provide you with organic, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed natural honey.

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