An expressive, fruity nose with pears and pineapples, and subtle notes of mint. Bone dry on the palate; flavours dominated by citrus fruit and a salty, pebbly minerality. Lively acidity creates a firm backbone. A refreshing, youthful, easy-drinking wine with moderate alcohol.

   Olaszrizling is one of the flagship white grape varieties of the Balaton region, and this wine from the Laposa Estate combines the grapes of four vineyards on volcanic hills north of Lake Balaton. Olaszrizling, which is not in fact related to Riesling, has traditionally been a bit of a workhorse variety in Hungary, but today ambitious winemakers are experimenting with producing not only light and fruity wines but also more profound, ageworthy styles.

Food Pairing Recommendation

   Try with green salads, light snacks of flatbread and dips, or with goat cheese such as St. Helen's or Picodon.

Serving temperature: 12-14°C

Winery: Laposa Estate, Badacsony - Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)

   The Laposa Estate is managed by brother-and-sister team Bence and Zsófi, whose mission is to create exclusive vintages offering you the best from the Badacsony wine region. They cultivate traditional varieties especially suited to this unique volcanic terroir, overlooking the scenic Lake Balaton. By combining grapes of an outstanding minerality with state-of-the-art technology, each bottle of Laposa is a complex and well-rounded wine expressing the typicity of both the varietal and its region of origin.

Grape Variety: Olaszrizling (Welschriesling)

Soil Type: Volcanic bedrock   

Fermentation: 60% Barrel - 40% Stainless steel tank

Ageing: 3 months in large, used oak barrels

Alcohol Content: 12%                   

Bottle Size: 0.75l