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Hungarian Paprika Gift Hamper 2*50g

Hungarian Paprika Gift Hamper 2*50g

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Hungarian Paprika Gift Hamper

Product Description

This hamper contains a box of Hungarian sweet paprika and a box of hot paprika, a perfect gift for the foodie in your life. The paprika powders have been made from 100% Hungarian raw pepper, and you are buying nothing less than top quality savoury paprika powder, which come in black metal gift boxes. No wonder that this product has a great reputation world-wide. The exceptional qualities of the product are the result of the greatest care, expertise and traditional processing techniques. The product is free from artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers and thickening agents. 

About the Manufacturer

Chili Trade is a small manufacturer of premium quality paprika powders from the Kalocsa region, which is one of the two main paprika producing areas in Hungary. They are using only the finest paprika plants, which have been lovingly cultivated and traditionally handled to provide you with a superior end product.