Award Winner Artisan Hot Pepper Sauce 100ml

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Product Description

A combination of the hottest chili peppers on earth, this is only for the truly adventurous and for the real connoisseurs. It is recommended as a spice to provide an added bite and flavour explosion in dishes, applied circumspectly! For those blessed with an iron tongue, it can also be used directly as a sauce or a dip, but be warned, the results might not be pretty!  

This sauce came second in the most highly contested Hot Sauce Division - X Hot, at the 2017 World Hot Sauce Awards.

About the Manufacturer

GaBko chili sauces were inspired by the desire to create products which can be used to add flavour and spice to your meals, without relying on the addition of salt or artificial aromas to create the taste sensation. This ethos of letting the natural taste of chili peppers do the talking permeates all their sauces. When you use a Gabko chili sauce you can be assured that your taste buds are going to be bathed in the unadulterated flavour of fresh chili peppers.


Chili 90% (Carolina Reaper, Naga Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga), vinegar and salt