Artisan chicken roaster, handmade by a master potter specialising in traditional Hungarian pottery. Traditionally, chicken in the Hungarian countryside were cooked in ceramic pots, with the flesh remaining juicy and tender while the skin is lovely golden brown and crispy.

You can use it to prepare an easier and more sophisticated version of the popular beer can chicken. The roaster is designed for the preparation of one roasted chicken with accompaniments such as roasted potatoes, however it can be used to cook a variety of meats or vegetable dishes by simply omitting the removable centre piece.

This delightful looking roaster, a combination of Hungarian folk art and a versatile cooking tool, is also perfect as a gift for your friends.

Cooking Suggestions

Take a cleaned whole chicken and rub salt and spices into its skin.

Fill the removable centre piece with beer or cider of your choice, or alternatively make a fragrant mixture out of water and wine vinegar

Place the chicken perched atop the centre piece, and put the chicken roaster into a cold oven, before turning up the heat to around 200 Celsius.

Cook for around 90 minutes and then place any sides, such as potatoes or vegetables, in the bottom of the roaster. Baste the chicken with the remaining beer, cider or vinegar mixture.

Cook for another 30-45 minutes, until the chicken is golden brown on the outside and the vegetables are fully cooked.

Serve with a delicious mustard or chili sauce for some irresistible flavour.