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Chutney - Red Onion Chutney 312g

Red Onion Chutney 312g

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Kaldeneker Jam House is a family owned artisan jam manufactory. The founder, George Kaldeneker, started experimenting with jams during his childhood, under the watchful eye of his grandmother. He followed up his fascination by becoming a renowned chef, before starting his own business, producing jams with unique flavours.

Prepared with caramelised onions, it goes great with grilled meats, game and patés. A versatile cooking ingredient that adds depth of flavour to any dish. If you are looking for the perfect companion to your sausages, you have just found it.

 Ingredients: red onion, sugar, balsamic vinegar, salt and red wine

Nutrition (100g): 14.31g Carbohydrates, 0g Fat, 0.81g Protein, 55.29Kcal

Preservative Free
Gluten Free
Lactose Free