An exclusive Grey Cattle Salami made from this special Hungarian variety unique to the Hungarian Great Plains. Grey Cattle is an ancient breed, renowned for its rich flavour, commonly called the “Hungarian Wagyu”.

The Grey Cattle Stifolder is made from 100% Hungarian grey cattle beef, and is pork-free. The flavourful meat is combined with the best vibrant red Hungarian sweet paprika, creating this rich and flavourful charcuterie.

This versatile salami is the perfect filling for bagels and sandwiches. Sliced thinly, use as a topping for pastas, salad and pizza for a delicious and novel experience. You can also serve it alongside your cheese board for a savoury flavour infusion.

Preparation: The expert charcutier begins by placing the filling in a natural casing, followed by a two-phase curing process. First, the salami is smoked for an entire week over cold oak smoke. It is then hung for 60-90 days, under tightly controlled conditions, to complete the curing process. The end result is a delicious salami, firm enough to cut into fine slices, but one that will still melt in your mouth.


Grey Cattle beef, grey cattle tallow, spices, salt, sodium nitrite and beef casing.

Made using 144g of grey cattle beef per 100g of salami.

Weight: approx. 500g

Vacuum packed.

About the Manufacturer

Fekedi Stifolder is a family company specialising in premium quality salami with character. Using traditional recipes passed down from father to son, they aim to bring you a taste of the Hungarian countryside. Prepared using only the finest local ingredients, these award-winning salami are a firm favourite of critics and charcuterie lovers alike.