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Goose Liver with Tokaji Aszu 100g

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Product Description

Soft, fatty Hungarian goose liver finely seasoned and enhanced by a touch of Tokaj Aszu wine.

Storage life: 4 years

Serves 2

Serving recommendation: served cold

Recommendation for use: Dip the cooled can for 2-3 seconds into warm water, then slip out the product and slice it. We recommend consuming it as a spread on toast or with fruits and vegetables.

Drink recommendation: sweet white wine.


Goose liver (87,8%), Tokaji Aszú (9%), water, salt, sugar, white pepper, antioxidant (calcium-dinatrium-ethylene-diamine-tetraacetyl), preservative (sodium-nitrite).

About the Manufacturer

Rex Ciborum’s history started back in 1896, and since then it has become the pre-eminent producer of goose and duck liver delicacies in Hungary. They combine a traditional approach of care and attention to detail with modern technologies and the highest welfare standards. As a result, their products are the finest in their category, with a smooth and creamy taste and a complex yet delicate flavour, which allows the liver to shine. Furthermore, you can be confident that the animals have been raised ethically and treated with the respect they deserve.