A creamy goose liver pâté made from only the finest, expertly prepared ingredients. The result is a gourmet delicacy with an exceptionally deep and intense flavour profile and a velvety, melt in your mouth sensation. An exquisitely indulgent treat that will provide you with a lasting experience.

Serve with warm toast or a fresh, flaky brioche. To create a carnival of flavours, you can include some onion chutney or a fruit sauce on the side, with their light sweetness tinged by hints of sour notes providing a mouth-watering counterpoint to the rich flavour of the goose liver. The perfect drink accompaniment is a sweet dessert wine. Béres Winery’s Tokaji Magita Cuvée 2014 is the connoisseurs hand-picked choice for a remarkable pairing.

The animals are ethically raised in accordance with the highest welfare standards.

Serves 8


Goose liver (91%), water, salt, fructose, antioxidant (calcium-dinatrium-ethylene-diamine-tetraacetyl), preservative (sodium-nitrite).

About the Manufacturer

Rex Ciborum’s history dates back to 1896, and since then it has become the pre-eminent supplier of goose and duck liver products in Hungary. They take a traditional and artisanal approach, founded on skill and a painstaking attention to detail. As a result, with each bite you take you can be confident that you are tasting the finest liver delicacies, crafted by experts to provide you with an unparalleled experience.