Paprika Powder - Organic Hungarian Paprika Powder From Kalocsa Premium Quality 120g

Organic Hungarian Paprika Powder from Kalocsa Premium Quality 120g

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The three generational Berta Family Farm and Manufactory is the largest and oldest organic food producer in Hungary. They operate in the South of Hungary, close to Kalocsa, the world famous paprika producing region. This part of the country is a "classic nature conservative area", bordered by the Danube. The company is well known in Europe and in the US. All their products are certified by Bio Suisse, Switzerland.

Paprika is not simply a popular seasoning in Hungary, but its at the very core of Hungarian cuisine It is used for its flavour and for its bright colour in two varieties: sweet and hot/ spicy. Most households will have both for Hungarian dishes like goulash. Growing paprika in the Kalocsa region (mid-southern part of Hungary) goes back to the 18th century, but industrial production only started in the 1920’s. Kalocsa was in strong competition with Szeged, especially in the sweet paprika market. This product has been made from 100% Hungarian organic raw pepper and you are buying nothing less than top quality savoury paprika powder.

Preservative Free
Gluten Free
100% Organic
Lactose Free