This rosé is an interesting blend of two central European varieties: Zweigelt originates from Austria and is fairly common in parts of Hungary, while Medina is a Hungarian crossing that brings softness, fragrance and spiciness to the wine.

   Delicately coloured rosé with a pale onion-skin hue. Youthful aromas of strawberry, redcurrant and raspberry on the nose; attractive and elegant. Vibrant, juicy fruit on the palate without too much sweetness; a lovely rounded mouthfeel overall. A well-made rosé with firm acidity and moderate alcohol, easy-drinking yet sophisticated.

Food Pairing Recommendation

   An ideal aperitif on a warm summer day, or serve alongside light salads and tapas. Try with grilled poultry, baked white fish or a vegetable lasagne. 

Serving temperature: 9-10°C

Winery: Frittmann Winery, Kunság

   The multi-generational Frittmann winery is run by brothers János and István, who carry on the family winemaking tradition in the Great Plain of southern Hungary. They have achieved the two most prestigious national wine recognitions, becoming Winemaker of the Year in 2007 and Winery of the Year in 2015. Focusing their production on the highest-quality indigenous grape varieties of the area, they also offer wines made from international varieties.

Grape variety: Zweigelt and Medina

Soil type: brown forest soil

Fermentation: stainless steel tank

Alcohol content: 12.0%                   

Bottle size: 0.75l

Closure: screwcap

Special feature: vegan