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DOBOSI Organic Kéknyelű 'Blue Stalk' 2019

Medium-bodied dry white wine with a clear yellow-green hue. Delicate aroma of ripe fruits and white flowers and slowly developing chalky notes indicative of the terroir. Dynamic structure with a complex, multi-layered flavour and round acidity. Citrus, honey and figs on the palate, with a rich minerality, creamy texture and good length from the judicious use of barrel ageing.

Kéknyelű, also known as 'Blue Stalk', is a native Hungarian grape unique to the Balaton wine region. Its name comes from its stems' distinctive blue colour, and these delicate grapes are only grown on around 50 hectares, making it an extremely rare but highly treasured variety.

Food Pairing

It goes very well with poultry dishes made with paprika, sea bass and fish tacos, smoked salmon, as well as washed-rind cheese including Appenzeller, Epoisses and Limburger.

Serving temperature: 11°C

Grape variety: Kéknyelű (Blue Stalk)

Soil type: Red limestone and clay

Fermentation: Tank fermentation   

Ageing: 50% tank - 50% oak barrel

Alcohol content: 12.5%                   

Bottle size: 0.75l

Specialty: Organic, vegan

Dobosi Winery,Balaton Wine Region - Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The Dobosi family started to cultivate grapevines in 1721, and with the tradition of winemaking passed from father to son, you can taste the 300 years of expertise. The family works 26.5 hectares in the picturesque Nivegy Valley just north of Lake Balaton, and selectively hand harvests the ripe fruit. All of their grapes are grown organically, and natural methods are used in the vinification process. Made mostly from native grape varieties that are uniquely suited to the local soil and microclimate, each bottle of Dobosi wine captures the essence of the sunny Balaton Uplands.

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