Indulgent dark chocolate pralines with a moreish chocolate cream filling of scrumptious sour cherries and hot chili. Made with peppers from the world famous Kalocsa region, it is the perfect pairing for full-bodied red wines like Cabernet Franc or Bull's Blood. The natural bitterness of the dark chocolate, combined with tantalising heat from the chili peppers, brings additional layers of complexity to your favourite tipple. Presented in a stylish gift box decorated with traditional Hungarian folk art motives, it makes for a unique gift to your wine loving friends.


Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma), sugar, cream, 7% sour cherry pulp (sour cherry, ascorbic acid), butter, honey, 2% sour cherry paste (sugar, glucose syrup, 20% sour cherry puree, water, citric acid, food colouring: anthocyanin, toffee, pectin, tara gum, aroma), triple sec (sugar, alcohol, water, aroma, citric acid), 0.3% Kalocsa hot paprika, potassium sorbate

May contain traces of gluten and nuts

Contains alcohol

Cocoa solids in dark chocolate: minimum 54%

About the Producer

The Stühmer brand offers a chocolate for every mood and every occasion. The company is Hungary's first chocolate maker, founded by Master Confectioner Frederick Stühmer. An exceptionally skilled chocolatier, he created masterpieces from only the finest ingredients, characterized by a purity and an unparalleled depth of flavour, while also placing an emphasis on unique and appealing packaging. These time honoured traditions form the backbone of the company's ethos to this day.