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Mosel-style reductive Riesling, with the grapes harvested early, at the beginning of September. The restrained nose has hints of refreshing citrus and quince. Lean, vertical and dry yet gentle and friendly palate. Firm acidity combines with floral, honeyed sweetness and just a touch of fizz. Very well made and elegant with low alcohol, a somewhat salty character and a long, pebbly mineral finish. 

Food pairing

Try with white fish, salads and light pasta dishes, or serve alongside fresh cheese such as Feta or Halloumi.

Serving temperature: 10°C

Grape variety: Riesling

Soil type: Loess and brown forest soil

Fermentation: Stainless steel tank

Alcohol content: 11.0%                   

Bottle size: 0.75l 

Special feature: Vegan

Cseri Winery, Pannonhalma Region - Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

The Cseri brothers set up this family winery in 2012 and it has since then become a regular supplier of the best gourmet restaurants in the country. They grow both white and red grapes on 10 hectares, producing varietal wines as well as carefully constructed blends. With their commitment to excellence, they take good care of the grapes with hand-harvesting, low yields, and low-intervention technology. The winery offers visitors superb views, a friendly atmosphere, and most importantly delicious wines. 

Crispy Salami Pasta

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Potato Gratin - Rakott Krumpli

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CSERI Pannonhalmi Rheinriesling "Barni's Riesling" 2019
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